Monday, December 26, 2011


Perhaps, you know the man who is just a few points behind Erik Santos and few inches away from Sheryn Regis when they are still sizing up themselves on-stage few year ago. He’s no other than the slick and slim in a crowned jeweled voice – Christian Bautista. His new escutcheon badge “Asiansation” tells more of his indelible footprints in the entertainment industry, though Mister Webster won’t tell you what.

If you have been vigilant of Christian’s plight in the entertainment jungle, you’ll know how he made it to where he is now – rich and famous, comely, indomitable – and wiser.

Wise and benevolent enough to cater us (bloggers) to his fully booked agendas, the The Asiansation’s Bloggers Conference is almost done. We’re hot at the 4 floor of the Smart Tower along the hustle and bustle streets of Quezon Avenue, marking November 13, 2011 as red on the calendar. 

The event was under the batons of Pinoy Song Magazine, Orange Entertainment Magazine (online) and spearheaded by Universal Records, Christian’s recording label as well. 

Of course, bloggers who kept shooting their spotlight on him expect to get the willies every time. With sheer humor and factual exegesis of his present achievements, bloggers present on the gathering of the pride boost few facial muscles with good guffaws and admiration.     

The conference is of course stirred by Christian’s brand new album “Outbound.” A hefty package of his foreign performances and collaborations which includes US, Korea, Japan, Indonesia and Singapore.

The Conference swoops the well-lighted room of the UR with the bloggers’ inquisition of Christian’s status from head to toe. Expect then to receive answers from him more than you’ve ever asked for.

To seal the deal, Christian made his perfect stance, holding firm his wireless provision and firing his vocal ammunition, he sang one of his singles in the album Outbound. Everyone in there just don’t want to miss a thing. So lenses from DSLRs to a camera phone capture the moment for free.

Bloggers have graceful exits from the room that was ushered by bags of giveaways. Courtesy of one Christian Bautista’s major endorsement the Blackwater.  


Cueing fast in time you’ll see yourself fascinated how Christian Bautista made to the top of the world where his creative tentacles riches to the farther ends of some other Asian nations.

Fresh and first in his itinerary was his stardom on his first international film, “A special Symphony.” Let’s get it jotted on our fingers.

• He fronted the concerts of the K-Pop sensations Rain and 
• He plays one of the crucial part in a Pan-Asian musical   
   series “The Kitchen Musical.”
• His got the 4x platinum awards for his album “Romance          
   Revisited: The Love Songs Of
   Jose Marie Chan” in 2011.
•  He has worked with Jim Brickman and One Way.
• He has numerous endorsements from apparels to fragrance 
   plugged on billboards.
• And other significant achievements witch might have been 
  clouded by the present but was as important part of his 

Christian, first of all, turns back, thanks and appreciated all those elements that brought him this far.

“…I cherished all the lessons and experiences I’ve gained through all those years- the ups and downs, the highlights and the difficult moments. These helped me hone my craft and led me to doors of opportunities. Every recognition that goes my way, favorable or critical comments on my work challenge me to do better because I owe it to my audience that I utilize my full potential.” (Courtesy of UR Outbound PR.)

Count if pure blessings having your voice heard to the other unchartered territories. And who would have done it better but Christian Bautista.

His brand new album Outbound speaks louder than words of his conquistador prowess to test how challenging foreign shores rather than ours. The album is a conglomeration of his US, Japan, Korea, Singapore and Indonesia conquest. It is wrought with upbeat as well as slow ballad fronted by the single “All That’s Left.”

Bringing himself to the edge, he stretched his creativity a little bit more. Trying some dancing and quick moves, Christian promised that his not living ballad behind.

“All That’s Left” is Christian Bautista’s collaboration with Tat Tong, the composer of  the same single.

“…Tat Tong kasi is a friend of Kewei [Tay]. Kewei and I did a duet for Please Be Careful With My Heart in Singapore. She later on, introduced me to Tat. And then through e-mail, I asked him: 'Hey! I'm coming up with a new album. Do you have songs?' So he gave us one [and] we all liked it. After that, we told him na, 'Okay, make three more! Haha. [And] With Tat Tong kasi, steady lang kami e. We would throw ideas and stuff. And if it doesn’t work out, we would always tell na okay let’s do the thing tomorrow. We write and write and we never stop…”

To spice-up the spotlight with him, his music videos are always stashed with all the beautiful girls in town such as Ann Curtis, Angel Locsin, Christine Reyes, Paula Taylor, Carmen Soo and few others.

With all his big moves abroad unsung in here Christian mark words, “…as I continue this journey, I have reached another turn on the road ahead. This is the right time to pursue new paths and directions. And there is no better way to begin this new and exciting phase than to share my latest work with you. With your support and a personal sense of renewed energy and devotion, I am ready to face the challenge of the future.”

OUTBOUND Track listing:

1. All That's Left
2. Unphotographable
3. Faith
4. I'm Already King
5. What Can I do
6. Never Far Away
7. Wrong Number
8. Sakura

Christian Bautista's Bloggers' Conference is brought to you by Universal Records in cooperation with Pinoy Magazine and official online partner Orange Magazine TV. Special thanks to Ever Bilena Blackwater.

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